BUS522 Unit 6 Assignment Latest 2022 September

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BUS522 Financial Tools for Managers

Unit 6 Assignment

Firefly Shipping Model


Mal Foil the owner of Firefly Shipping has asked you to create a model to project the number of units they must be prepared to ship in the first month of the new year. Mal has supplied you with a template of what he would like to see.



•             Download: Unit 06 Assignment – Firefly Shipping Model.xlsx

•             Mal also has a specific set of requirements:

o             use a 3-month weighted average to forecast January.

o             see how the 3-month weighted average method would perform against historical data.

o             see the 3-month weighted average charted out within the model.

o             Mal is not sure how what weights he would like to use. Your model should allow him to adjust the weights, listed in G4-I4, and see these changes change the models output.

•             The 3-month weighted average formula is listed below:


= (????????−1∗????????−1)+(????????−2∗????????−2)+(????????−3∗????????−3)



o             Ft = The forecasted values (column D)

o             Wt-X = the weight for the prior months. For example, if Ft = April then, Wt-1 would equal to March, Wt-2 would equal February and Wt-3 would equal January.

o             Ut-X = the units for the prior months, similar to how the weights work.

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