BUS522 Unit 5 Discussion Latest 2022 September

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BUS522 Financial Tools for Managers

Unit 5 Discussion

Corporate Governance

Using either the material within this unit or doing your own research find an example of failed corporate governance. Discuss why you believe it happened as well as ways you believe it could be avoided.

In response to your peers, do you agree with your classmate’s assessment on the root causes of the governance failure? Would there be other controls you would put place or process you would change to keep it from happening again?

Value-Based Management

Looking at your organization what are some processes that you would think value-based management would be helpful, what are some value drivers you have identified and how would you forecast their effect?

In response to your peers: Do you have similar experience with those value drivers? What, if any, data do you believe could help your classmate forecast the outcome of the process change?

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