BUS522 Unit 8 Discussion Latest 2022 September

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BUS522 Financial Tools for Managers

Unit 8 Discussion

Doing Business in Other Countries

Using research from the library (e.g., ProQuest, IBIS world and the like) pick a country:

What are some things you need to think about when doing business there?

How stable is their currency, and what affect does their currency have on your purchasing power?

What customs or ethical rules might need to be adjusted?

In response to your peers, what are some differences between the country you posted vs. your classmates? What adjustments would you make to your business model working in that country?

Cash Cycle

Looking at the organization you work for, or an industry you are interested in, what are some factors that would go into your cash conversion strategy? How long do you hold inventory, if you have it, and why?

In response to your peers, how does your industry compare with what has been posted? What are some other factors you might think play into the perfect net working capital amount?

Topics with Greatest Impact for You (Optional)

Thinking back on the prior units, what topics interested you most? Share with the class what you think you learned that had the most direct application to your current role or a role you would like in the future.

In response to your peers, what did you think about that topic and what real-world experiences have you had, if any, with that topic?

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