Brand Audit - Brand Analysis Report on 2 competitors

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Brand Audit

Write 9-pg Brand Analysis Report on 2 competitors and the 8 branding elements, plus answer 5 questions. Also: 1-pg Exec Sum, Go/ No-Go Recommendations, 1-pg Table comparing 2 brands.

· 12 to 13 pages, plus title and references pages, appendix.

· Tip: Be sure to include your analysis, What do you think? Avoid having a report that’s just a “Stack of Facts” – provide your insight.

· Reminder: Key words in writing: Direct & clear response to questions, Specifics (vs broad / vague / general) info, Succinct. 


Title Page

Table of Contents

(Recommended page count/max: 8 Brand elements and 5 questions (1/2 to 2/3 page each). Be sure to use bold subheads for these 13 sub-sections.

Executive Summary (1 pg).

Brand Analysis on 2 competitors (intro para.) 

Brand Comparison (1 pg table): Tips: Your 1-pg table comparing the 2 brands could go at the end of this paragraph, or at end of the 8 subsections below. 

· I don’t micro-grade on the placement of graphics, etc.  A business report “reads” more clearly if graphics are placed adjacent to relevant content in the paper (vs APA Style of in the Appendix). Either way, be sure to properly ID your graphics: Relevant header at top. Below and/or in a paragraph above/below the chart: Clearly explain / point out the key “results / etc.”) that make chart important. “Point” reader to where you want them to see something on graphic.

· For the 13 elements in this part of the report: 

Brand Personality (for each of these 8, provide your: definition of term, research findings, your analysis)

Brand Image

Brand Identity

Brand Differentiation

Brand Positioning

Brand Communication

Brand Loyalty

Brand Equity (including financial equity)

Competitors’ Brand Strength

How strong are the companies’ brands in the market?

Competitors’ Strengths and Weaknesses

What are the factors contributing to their strengths and weaknesses?

Competition Between ___ and ___

How are these two brands competing against each other? How strong is their global performance?

Consumer Perceptions

How do consumers perceive their brands?

Sub-Brands and Extensions

Are there any sub-brands? Are there any brand extensions?

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