Week 3 - Crisis Plan for Executive Leadership Roles

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Week 3

Scenario C- Crisis Plan for Executive Leadership Roles

Succession Planning: What the Research Says (hbr.org)

CEO Succession Plans in a Crisis Era (harvard.edu)

Prior to preparing your response to this scenario, read the above articles.

The health care delivery system is currently experiencing a paradigm shift regarding the functionality and application of talent within their human resource departments. Many health care organizations include the human resources department in their decision-making processes to obtain a greater degree of transparency regarding employee input. As an example, the human resource department can provide recommendations on managing employee concerns and suggestions to improve positive health care outcomes for patients. This process of inclusion greatly helps to reduce patient complaints as well as issues associated with noncompliance of state and federal policies as well as accreditation standards. Further, human resource departments are considered experts in the areas of employee performance evaluation, recruitment, and training. Last, employee retention and job satisfaction in the health care delivery system is vitally important for health care organizations to maintain high care standards; therefore, human resource departments are tasked with providing employees a working environment that inspires both personal and professional growth opportunities.

As the human resources director, you are responsible for determining the actions taken for the following scenarios, as assigned by the first initial of your last name.

In your discussion post, address the following: 

· Identify which job titles would be the best to fill the back-up roles. Explain your choices.

· Describe the traits and characteristics that would be best suited to fill each role.

· Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this plan.

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