Assignment 2 - Security Policy Creation

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Assignment 2 Security Policy Creation


Learning Objectives and Outcomes

· Research information security policy framework approaches. You will analyze policies for the specified organization.

· Identify the method for creating a security policy framework.



You are appointed as an information technology (IT) security manager in the XYZ health care organization. This large, publicly traded health care organization has 25 sites across the region with 2,000 staff members and thousands of patients. Sean, your manager, has asked you to analyze the current state of the corporation and then identify an appropriate IT security policy framework. He wants to know how you would approach this task. Sean will compare your findings to his, and then move forward with the appropriate IT security policy framework.


Assignment Requirements

Research the scenario carefully and then write a report on how you would approach the task.

· Describe how you would analyze your organization

· Describe your approach for selecting an appropriate IT security policy framework for the organization.

· Identify and clearly describe your recommended IT Security policy framework the organization should use.

· Create a proposed IT Security Policy Framework.

· Include a clear rationale as to why you think the framework will be best.

· Include and cite at least here (3) sample policies that could part of the security policy framework.

· Be sure to research these steps from the course textbook, your college library, or the Internet, and use these methods to formulate your recommendations.

· Assignment is worth 100 points.


Required Resources

· Access to the Internet


Minimum Submission Requirements

· Format: Microsoft Word

· Font: Times New Roman, 12-Point

· Citation Style: APA

· Length: two (2) pages, double-spaced, left justified

· Post finished document in iLearn by the due date in the syllabus

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