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CARD405 Career Development

Week 3 Discussion


Different from a job interview, an informational interview is a conversation you arrange with someone who works in a career field or company that interests you. The goal is to gain first-hand insight about an industry, organization, or specific occupational area. Informational interview questions focus on topics such as how to break into an industry, what a career in that field or organization is really like, and whether it fits your qualifications and interests. Because you are not seeking a job offer, think of informational interviewing as a way to gather information and to prescreen a potential career, industry, or company.

Based on DeVry's Informational Interview Guide.pdf (Links to an external site.) or another scholarly source, learn about the purpose of conducting an informational interview. Gather information to contribute to our discussion about the process and benefits of conducting an informational interview.

Describe and explain what the value of an informational interview is for you and support your viewpoint with a direct quote from DeVry's Informational Interview Guide or another scholarly source. Cite your sources in APA format.


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