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BIS245 Database Essentials for Business With Labs

Week 3 Discussion


As you ponder the graded discussion topic for this week, please share your insights and perspectives based on your personal and professional experiences. Please feel free to offer links and references that further elaborate on the topics for this week. The class lectures and readings for this week offer excellent information on the wonderful world of Access.

The TCOs we will explore this week are:

TCO 2: Given a situation containing entities, business rules, and data requirements, create the conceptual model of the database using a database modeling tool.

TCO 3: Given an existing relational database schema, evaluate and alter the database design for efficiency.

TCO 4: Given an existing database structure demonstrating efficiency and integrity, design the physical tables.

For this graded discussion question we are exploring table relationships. 

How are tables related? What is the difference between primary and foreign keys?

Describe some typical pairs of entities that you think might be common in business, and describe their relationships, whether many-to-many, one-to-many, many-to-one, or one-to-one. Explain why you think that a particular relationship applies to that pair of entities.

Why do you think organizing data into tables and relationships is a good way to design a database? How do related tables improve the accuracy of data in a database?

We are looking forward to your insights and perspectives.



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