History - What were the main differences between the Mesopotamian

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Answer the following questions:

1.  What were the main differences between the Mesopotamian and Egyptian outlook or mentality?  What environmental, political, and religious factors contributed to these differences?

2.  From your perspective, how does the law code of Hammurabi relate to established principles of law in the Western world today?  How do you think the code would deal with current legal issues and problems?

3. Compare the different religious views that existed in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Israel? To what do you attribute these differences?  Israel's empire lasts for a very short period, so why is its culture durable?

Write a MINIMUM three-page document, double-spaced, 12 font, with detailed information in a Windows Word, Google document, or PDF file.  Cite your sources after each question.  (Judge, page numbers), (recorded lectures), etc.  Use the link above to attach and submit the assignment. 

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