Analysis: developmental dyslexia - Excellent understanding and insightful

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Description: Analysisdevelopmental dyslexia

Words 800 essay, you are to analyse and summarise about developmental dyslexia in detail. include an exposition of the main theories and research findings of the area (types of developmental dyslexia), and any different approaches and/or controversies within the field. should focus mostly on what is known about the subject-area. Your focus should be building your knowledge base and synthesising a range of research on your topic.

The recommended reading list has a range of sources (in addition to the required readings) that are related to the topic. Avoid tertiary sources such as textbooks, internet sources, magazines, et

Marking rubrics to follow

1. Excellent understanding and insightful summaries of key aspects of field. Coherent, concise and insightful synthesis of ideas.

2. Articles insightfully analysed and evaluated. Research questions, methods and findings well-articulated. Articles show wide range of research.

3. Represents research accurately and insightfully. Excellent explanation of logic and coherence of research

4. Essay is clear, concise and logically organised. No errors in grammar, word choice, academic tone, etc

5. Includes accurate and excellent selection of references in APA style

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