LSE511 Human Development And Learning In Instructional

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Please Read LSE 511 Human Development And Learning In Instructional Contexts

LSE 511 Human Development and Learning in Instructional Contexts


Teaching Journal Installment 1


YOU NEED THIS BOOK LSE 511 Human Development and Learning in Instructional Contexts


The Teaching Journal in LSE 511 is intended to provide you with an opportunity to pause, reflect, and integrate your developing knowledge of the research on student learning and the implications for teaching practices.


Teaching Journal Topics Modules Reviewed

Installment 1 Synthesize concepts and principles: Role of science in educational practice; learning science; limited capacity of cognition, attention, memory systems in learning; conditions for critical thinking, metacognition, self-regulation, developmental considerations Modules 1-3


Instructions for Teaching Journal 

1. Review readings and materials addressed in the three modules pertaining to the installment. Be sure to review developmental trends highlighted in each chapter.

2. Review discussion postings in the same modules

3. Select key big ideas and principles addressed in the module materials and discussions

4. Use the prompts provided for each Teaching Journal installment to aid your selection concepts and to focus and organize your reflections.

5. Explain the significance of the big idea and principles you selected and their implication for teaching practice

o In this explanation, make connections among the big ideas, principles, and teaching practices across the three modules addressed

o Make personal connections to draw original implications for teaching practice

6. Complete a double spaced, 5 page (approximately) Teaching Journal Installment by the due date provided in the syllabus and course schedule.


TJ-Installment 1

Effective teachers could be thought of as expert learners. Review the big ideas and principles in chapters 1, 2, and 3 and related module materials. Use the research reported and your own background experience to address the following prompts:

• What learning strategies do effective learners use? 

• How do effective learners manage challenges of attention and memory in classroom learning contexts? 

• Review the developmental trends in the module chapters for this journal installment. What learning strategies would you prioritize for the students that you plan to teach? 

• How may the developmental characteristics of the students you will teach challenge you as a teacher?

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