Part 1,2 - Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

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Review the “Angel Case Study” to inform the assignment that follows.

Part 1: Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

Analyze the case study, initial data, and FBA data found in the “Angel Case Study.” In 250 words, summarize and analyze the findings of the FBA addressing the following:

  • Frequency of incidents
  • Interaction with peers
  • Consequences of the behavior
  • Hypothesis for the function of the behavior: Why do you think the student is acting out?

Support your analysis with a minimum of two scholarly resources.

Part 2: Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)

Propose a BIP based on the FBA data provided in the “Angel Case Study.”

In  250 words, using the “Behavior Intervention (BIP)” template, create a behavior intervention plan for Angel that includes the following:

  • Three measurable behavioral goals for the student to work toward.
  • At least two evidence-based motivational and instructional interventions that teach the student how to adapt his behavior in the classroom, while teaching skills that can also be used in different environments.
  • Engaging rewards and reinforcements that encourage quality learning and performance, and provide the student with guiding feedback.
  • Specific collaborative steps the special education teacher can take to help the general education teacher implement the interventions and create a safe, inclusive, culturally responsive learning environment that engages the student in meaningful learning activities and social interactions.
  • How and at what intervals the team will evaluate the student’s success on his goals.
  • Two safety interventions that can be implemented if the student’s behavior escalates and he becomes physically violent while in school.
  • How you will maintain student confidentiality during the implementation of the plan.

Support the plan with a minimum of three scholarly resources, in addition to the "Special Education Professional Ethical Principles."

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