A Separation Movie (2011) - Art of science and negotiation

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A Separation Movie (2011)

Art of science and negotiation class

Movie: A Separation (2011)

· A Separation  is a 2011 Iranian drama film written and directed by Asghar Farhadi 

· Please answer the questions (all parts) and remember to compare and contrast the two families for the questions on economic, religious, etc.. your grade will depend on the totality and quality of your answers so please be thoughtful. You may need to watch the movie more than once since there are subtitles- in order to understand some of the situations more thoroughly.

· Remember this is an individual assignment. You will be graded based on the effort and completeness of your responses. Remember to answer all parts of the questions. Take your time and think about the differences within the same culture that impact the outcome.

1) Why does Simin decide to sue Nadar for divorce? What drove her to take this action? (What approach to the situation did she take and why)

2) How does  religion, gender, education, generation, and economic class play a role in “A Separation”? You must answer for each category . Please compare and contrast the characters and how they differ in the categories. Simin/Nadar Hojat/Razieh

3) Why does Nadar hold back from granting permission for Simin and their daughter to leave the country? What were his positions? His interests?

4) What role does Miss Gharaii (the tutor) have in the cultural differences? Does her willingness to help Nadar put him in a better position to defend his actions? What happens when she changes her mind?

5) How does honesty impact the legal battles when no one person is in possession of all the fact?

6) How would you manage the untangling of all the facts and keep the decision within the letter of the law? (In a place where the law is based directly on the religion)

7) Is the law adequate to deal with human emotions? (Is any set of laws?)

8) Who do you think Termeh chooses in the end- her mother or her father? Why?

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