aming of Non Binary Compounds

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aming of Non Binary Compounds

Directions: An ionic compound that contains more than two elements must contain a polyatomic ion. Name the following compounds.   Please be advised, you are to use the IUPAC naming system ONLY for this course. I will only accept common names for water and ammoniaAlso, if the cation is a transitional metal remember to include the proper Roman numeral to indicate it's charge.

1. NaNO3

11. Li2SO3

2. Ca(OH)2

12. Mg(NO3)2

3. K2CO3

13. Al(OH)3

4. NH4Cl

14. (NH4)3PO4

5. MgSO4

15. KOH

6. AlPO4

16. Ca(NO3)2

7. (NH4)2SO4

17. K2SO4

8. Na3PO4

18. Pb(OH)2

9. CuSO4

19. Na2O2

10. NH4OH

20. CuCO3

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