Chemical Compounds Molar Mass Research Project

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Chemical Compounds Molar Mass Research Project

Objectives: To identify the various ionic and molecular compounds found in processed food, cosmetics, and cleaning products. To correctly name and write the chemical formulas of ionic and molecular compounds. To determine the use of chemicals in everyday life.


1. You will need to find 5 compounds each from different labels of everyday products. Each of your compounds must be from a different product! You may find a 6th product/compound to earn extra credit. Sometimes, products are listed by an industry name; in this case you can use a database like to find out what the chemical formula is.

2. Look at the labels of various products (ideas: prepared foods like mac & cheese, canned soup, ice cream, cereal or cake mix; toiletries like perfume, deodorant, hair gel or toothpaste; cleaning products like detergents, soaps, or floor wax) for ionic or molecular compound names that you recognize from class (for example: calcium chloride, sodium sulfate, sulfur dioxide, etc.). If you are looking at a label and cannot find a compound that you recognize, find another label!

3. Take a picture of the ingredient labels to submit.

4. Some sites to use: or

5. Keep track of sources you used and create a work cited page in MLA or APA format. or are helpful tools for citations.


Chemical Name

Chemical Formula

Molar Mass

Ionic or Covalent Compound

Physical & Chemical Properties

Use in product

Risks and benefits to humans and/or the environment

What do you know or what are you aware of after doing this activity that you did not know or you were not aware of before?

After researching the chemicals, do the risks outweigh the benefits for these products? Will you continue to use them?

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