CHM 330 – Organic Chemistry I

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Module 3 Problem Set 


1. Write the structural formulas and IUPAC names for all possible isomers of C5H10 when one double bond is present in the molecule.

2. Explain why the following names are incorrect, and give a correct name in each case

a. 3-pentene

b. 2-propyl-1-propene

c. 2-methylcyclopentene

d. 3-ethyl-1,3-butadiene

3. Write the structural formula and name of the product when each of the following reacts with one mole of bromine


b. CH2=CHCH2Cl

4. List 2 examples of reagents that are electrophiles and 2 examples of reagents that are nucleophiles

5. Water can act as an electrophile or as a nucleophile. Explain.

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