Discussion 2 - Carbohydrates in Our Everyday Life

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Discussion 2: Carbohydrates in Our Everyday Life

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Research a specific carbohydrate  and its importance in biology. Discuss its structure, whether it is a monosaccharide, disaccharide, or polysaccharide. If it is a monosaccharide, discuss its various isomers, including where they are found and their approximate composition (i.e., percentages). If it is a disaccharide or polysaccharide, discuss its important linkages as well as where it is found in nature.

Also describe which carbohydrate test could be used to detect its presence in solution.

Your initial post must meet a minimum writing requirement (one paragraph with at least five sentences). Respond to at least two posts  (one paragraph with at least three sentences each). Your responses must contribute meaningfully to the discussion

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