You are a home health nurse visiting an 85-year-old client

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You are a home health nurse visiting an 85-year-old client, Mrs. Smith, in her home. Mrs. Smith lives alone and has a small dog for companionship. Her daughter comes to visit every Sunday. Mrs. Smith takes a total of seven different medications and keeps them in unlabeled containers. She is also prescribed home oxygen therapy. Upon observing the client’s environment, you notice that the living room is dimly lit. Mrs. Smith tells you, “I don’t like a lot of lights, but I use this lamp here next to my chair.” You notice the lamp is plugged into an extension cord attached to an outlet across the room. You also see an ash tray on the client’s table. You inquire if the client smokes. Mrs. Smith replies, “Oh, no. I don’t smoke, but my daughter does.”

Discuss the safety hazards observed in the client’s home.
Describe any nursing actions you would take to promote safety.
Explain the teaching points you would reinforce to the client and family.

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