Refer to your FNP or AGPCNP Clinical Skills and Procedures

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To prepare:

· Refer to the current Clinical Guidelines found in this week’s Learning Resources and consider how these guidelines inform your clinical experience.

· Refer to your FNP or AGPCNP Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment Form you submitted in Week 1, and consider how your self-assessment might inform your Assignment.

· Refer to your Patient Log in Meditrek and reflect on Weeks 1–5 of your clinical experience. Consider your observations and experiences with patients during this time.

Journal Entry #1 (450–500 words):

In your journal entry, answer the following questions:

Learning from Experiences

· Reflect on the 3 most challenging patient encounters and discuss what was most challenging for each.

· What did you learn from this experience?

· What resources did you have available?

· What evidence-based practice did you use for this patient?

· What new skills are you learning?

· What would you do differently?

· How are you managing patient flow and volume?

Communicating and Feedback

Respond to the following reflective questions:

· How might I improve on my skills and knowledge, and how to communicate that back to my Preceptor?

· How am I doing? What is missing?

· What type of feedback am I receiving from my Preceptor?

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