Clinical Week 3 Reflection - Describe basic concepts of mental health

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Clinical Week 3 – Reflection


Please respond to the following questions based upon these course objectives:

1. Describe basic concepts of mental health nursing including delivery of patient care, critical thinking, health education/promotion, nursing process and current issues in psychiatric nursing.

2. Discuss the neurobiological and psychosocial theories related to mental illness and describe treatment modalities in the holistic care of the mentally ill.

3. Collaborate and communicate effectively with mental health patients and their families, peers, and interdisciplinary team members.

4. Describe the patient’s response to illness and integrate current acceptable practice and research into holistic health care for mentally ill patients and their families.

5. Apply legal and ethical concepts related to the practice of nursing in the mental health setting.

6. Use the nursing process to support optimal well-being of mentally ill patients and their families with implementation of safe and effective care.

Please answer the following questions with supporting examples and full explanations.

1. For two of the learning objectives, provide an analysis of how your experiential therapy learning experience supported each objective.

2. Explain how the experiential therapy learning experience, based upon the objectives, supports patient recovery from mental illness and can be applied in professional practice.

Provide evidence (citations and references) to support your statements and opinions.

All references and citations should in APA format – 7th Edition.

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