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Discussion: Curiosity-Based Learning

Initial Post: The initial post this week should have two parts:

Part 1: Your views and experience: Explore the connection between curiosity and learning. Include at least ONE of the following prompts in your discussion:

  • Is curiosity necessary for learning to occur? Explain your answer.
  • Describe a learning activity that you have undertaken that you feel sparked your curiosity. Did it enhance your learning?
  • Is adult education based on activities that spark curiosity? Explain your answer.

Part 2: Research and summarize:

Most of the studies related to curiosity-based learning reflect on children and the K-12 classroom. Review the following Ted Talk on teachers and students (children) engaging in curiosity-based learning:

Curiosity-based learningLinks to an external site.


Now reflect on how curiosity-based learning can function in adult education. Research a teaching strategy that has been used in curiosity-based learning. You will need to conduct a search on a site such as Google Scholar to see all of your choices. Summarize the strategy and discuss whether it can be used (or adapted) to spark curiosity in your future adult students. Consider the strategy in relation to one part of nursing curriculum: a course ( ie. Pediatrics) a learning opportunity (ie. classroom, lab or simulation) or a clinical situation.

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