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Forum: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

According to Kaiser Permanente, "Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are things that happen before adulthood that can cause trauma or they're things that make a child feel like their home isn't safe or stable. Children who have multiple ACEs tend to have more physical and mental health problems later in life. This may be because of physical changes that can happen in a child's body when they have ongoing stress. It may also be because of health-harming behaviors (like smoking or risky sexual behavior) that are more common in people with more ACEs."

Please watch the following videos and answer the questions below, as well as respond to your classmate's posts. 

Video #1:

"How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime: Dr. Nadine Burke Harris"


Video #2:

"Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Impact on brain, body, and behaviour"


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