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XL Systems For Today's Leaders

Below, list four organizations you somehow rely on in your daily life for some resource. Examples might be a restaurant, a clothing store, a university, your family, the post office, your wireless provider, an airline, a pizzeria that delivers, and your place of work. In the first column, list those four organizations. Then, in column 2, choose another organization you could use in case the one in column 1 was not available. In column 3, evaluate your level of dependence on the organizations listed in column 1 as Strong, Medium, or Weak. Finally, in column 4, rate the certainty of that organization being able to meet your needs as High (certainty), Medium, or Low.

1. Do you have adequate backup organizations for those of high resource dependence? How might you create even more backups?

2. What would you do if an organization you rated high for dependence and high for certainty suddenly became
high dependence and low certainty? How would your behavior relate to the concept of resource dependence?

3. Have you ever used any behaviors similar to those in Exhibit 4.8 to manage your relationships with the
organizations listed in column 1?

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