You’ve spent the past few weeks analyzing your selected

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You’ve spent the past few weeks analyzing your selected organization (TESLA) and have learned about its organizational needs. Your next project as manager is to develop a proposal for how the organization can align their operational needs with the organization’s business strategies. This proposal needs to include an analysis so the executive level can understand the past in order to improve the future of the organization.


Continue using your selected organization (TESLA). Review sources on your organization to gather information for your proposal.

Assessment Deliverable

Write a 700- to 1,050-word proposal to the TESLA’S executive team of your plan to align the operational needs with business strategies based on your analysis. Include the following in your proposal:

· Analyze the organization based on Porter’s five forces. Determine the strength of each force and how influential each is to the organization.

· Analyze the effectiveness of the leadership model the organization is currently using. Consider the current leadership styles in place at the organization, the effectiveness of the leadership styles, and whether an alternative style would be more impactful.

· Recommend alternative effective leadership models and explain how adapting these models will benefit the organization in aligning operational needs with business strategies.

· Recommend 2 or 3 specific actions that can be done to align operational needs with business strategies identified in Week 2.

Cite 1 other source, in addition to the textbook.

Format  your citations and references according to APA guidelines

Submit your assessment.

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