Signature Assignment - Conduct a diagnosis of an organization

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Part 1 Outline for Signature Assignment

Submit the outline for the signature assignment. Your outline should be complete and include the key topics/content that you will use in your final paper.



Part 2 Signature Assignment

The Signature Assignment gives you opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in this course and conduct a diagnosis of an organization that has strived for innovation and integrated technology into their systems and strategical and operational objectives. You will select an organization, such as Facebook, Clever, Inc., Amazon, Jibo, Netflix, etc. that has displayed the use of continued innovation and technology to transform the organization and the industry. Your analysis will include information on the organization's strategy, structure, culture, work environment, partnerships, and strengths/weaknesses of the technology implemented and how the organization has become a social organization. Your analysis will be centered around the key concepts of systems theory and how today's technology/innovative companies implement these theories.

You will submit an Outline in Week 9 and the Final Draft in Week 13. No late submissions of the Signature Assignment will be accepted. Your final submission should be 4-5 pages in length (double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font). Required Sources: Cite a minimum of 3 sources.

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