What characteristics identify Adam as an entrepreneur

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First - After watching the video on Outsourcing, and reading The Times (London) articlebi.galegroup.com/essentials/ar...9f7788efcbb9f18e2?u=tlearn_trl
which addresses potential problems of doing business in dangerous parts of the globe, answer the following questions:

1. What characteristics identify Adam as an entrepreneur?

2. How has Adam overcome the usual regulations governing a start-up firm?

3. How has Adam's firm created value?

4. What transaction costs and opportunities may lie ahead in the pomegranate juice industry?

5. How should the timing of internationalization be determined?


The name of the article is Reopening trade routes closed by war is no Job for charities; RISK AND REWARD Small businesses can capitalise on opportunities in countries recovering from conflict; British firms are investing in regions once thought too dangerous to operate in, reports James Hurley
The Times (London, England)
Byline: James Hurley


Last would be Integrated marketing communications is the careful coordination of all promotional messages—traditional advertising, direct marketing, interactive, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling, event marketing, and other communications—for a product or service to assure the consistency of messages at every contact point where a company meets the consumer.

Review the information about IMC and the promotional mix from section 15-6 and 15-7 of your text


200 word count on Describe one of the following organizational structures:

Find and share an international firm that uses the structure you described. What are the pros and cons of the structure, its implementation and its impact on performance? with text cite and article refernce and the text book.

Reference: Gaspar, J. E., Arreola-Risa, A., & Bieman, L., Hise, R. T., & Kolari, J. W. (2014). Introduction to Global Business (2nd ed.). Boston, Massachusetts: Cengage Learning.

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