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Session 9 - Topic 2. Staffing Operations. TCT

Read: “Tel-Comm-Tek,” DRS, pp.800 - 804. You are selecting the Managing Director (MD) for TCT.

  • Rank order the candidates from high to low. Which candidate would you recommend to the selection committee? Why did you select that person?
  • What challenges might the person you recommend encounter if named MD? How can TCT minimize those challenges?
  • Based on information provided in Chap. 16 dealing with a matrix organizational structure, would you recommend two individuals to the same post, i.e., one person directing internal affairs the other managing external affairs? What are the pros/cons of such an arrangement?

Respond to both Topics 1 & 2. Start your discussion by midnight Saturday latest! Complete your responses by midnight Tuesday latest!

Session 9 - In the News!

As part of your Discussions participation, post one news source as a response to this Main Topic and explain briefly (3 or 4 sentences will do) how the news story bears on the topics for the week or for upcoming weeks. Avoid news items that are older than two months.

Make sure that you use foreign media!

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