Week 7 - Description, historical overview of the ethical dilemma

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Quay Week 7

For  your final assignment, select an ethical dilemma that impacts healthcare  professionals.  You can choose a dilemma that we have discussed in this  course, or, one that interests you. If you are having difficulty selecting a topic, please reach out to me.  You will then develop practical  solutions and utilize an ethical decision-making framework to address  the ethical dilemma you chose. Use the following prompts as a guide: 

  1. Description/historical overview of the ethical dilemma
  2. Description of the healthcare issue that requires tough decisions
  3. Overview of how the dilemma may challenge the ethics of healthcare professionals
  4. Explanation of both legal/policy and personal decision issues
  5. Include  questions that come up and help examine the issue from different  perspectives (patient, family, health care professional, community,  attorney, policymaker, etc.
  6. Develop 1-2 practical solution(s) to address the ethical dilemma
  7. Identify  and explain the concepts for a framework for ethical decision-making  that a healthcare professional could use to address the dilemma
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