Week 4 Discussions - Business and leadership

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WK 4 Business and leadership discussions

Business Finance - Operations Management Homework

Business Leading Your Team-Discussion

Scenario: Your company is introducing a change to an important process that will affect your team's working environment. Since the change is mandated by senior management, you are tasked with gaining buy-in from your team, but you also want to ensure that team members have an opportunity to voice concerns they may have about this change. You already know that certain team members have strong opinions about the change and will not agree with each other. You call the team together for a meeting.

Leveraging what you have learned from the course materials for this week, respond to the following prompts:

· How can you best introduce the change, knowing that there will be both resisters and supporters in the meetings?

· How will you accommodate your team's different personality types during the meeting? In your answer, refer to what you learned from the DiSC assessment you took in Week 1 of JWI 510:  Leadership in the 21st Century, to identify the behavioral types with the greatest potential for conflict.

· What will you do to assure your team members that they have a voice and are free to challenge each other's input?

Leadership Culture, Diversity, and Team Performance-Discussion

After reading the case,  Satya Nadella at Microsoft: Instilling a Growth Mindset, and this week's readings on diversity, share your perspective on how diversity can be a critical factor in building a high-performance team. Cite examples from your own experience, either as the team leader or a member of the team. Also consider the challenges that can exist in aligning a diverse team around a common mission when trying to lead a large-scale change initiative. 

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