Entrepreneurship & Business Development

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Entrepreneurship & Business Development

Task is individual , you will prepare a presentation. You should continue and finish the report (next year business plan), covering the remaining areas of it, to present it to the Board of Directors or Investors in preparation of the yearly Annual Shareholder’s meeting.

The presentation will be backed by a well-thought-out PowerPoint document,  that will include the following sections:

1. Cover page, very attractive, well identified

2. Executive Summary, Introduction & Background

3. External Analysis

4. Internal Analysis SWOT 

4. Targets & Objectives for next year

5. Action Plan: Marketing, Sales, Operations, HR, Legal, IT and Financial Plans

6.  Implementation Schedule, month by month, explaining the tasks every function must perform.

7.  Viability and Conclusions

6. References Key Criteria for Achieving a high grade on your PowerPoint:

 a) Structure and organization of the report. b) Use and application of key concepts, theories, and models. c) Evidence of research undertaken, including relevant, current data relating to the selected company/organization. d) Conclusions and recommendations arising from the research undertaken.

 • Format: PowerPoint document  Via Moodle (Turnitin).

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