Week 4 Discussion - Population Health Nursing

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Population Health Nursing week 4 discussion

For this week's discussion, we will further expand on factors that contribute to an individual's and the community's overall health. Based on the readings, videos and prior course content, please answer the following prompts:

· Discuss the impact of culture, beliefs regarding health and illness, societal values and access to health care have on health outcomes.

· What are some interventions you can implement in the clinical setting to ensure that a client's culture, beliefs, values, and access to care are incorporated into their care as much as possible? 

· Use this week as an opportunity to apply this content in practice in an effort to achieve the outcome of providing patient-centered care. Find an opportunity to assess a client’s culture, beliefs, values, and access to care (or, if not currently practicing in direct-patient care, you can assess these with a co-worker or someone in your community). You can also reflect on a previous experience in practice (particularly in your replies to peers).

Note: I am currently practicing in direct patient care.

Use APA 7th edition format, including references and in text citations.

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