Week 3 Discussion - Nursing Leadership and Change Management

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Week 3 Discussion: Nursing Leadership and Change Management

Being cost conscious as a nurse and a nurse leader can be challenging. There are multiple considerations that contribute to cost-consciousness that should be kept in mind. As direct caregivers, nurses are often involved in determining the type and quantity of resources used for patients. This includes supplies, personnel, and time. Decisions made by nurse leaders will directly impact the cost of care for patients cared for within their organization.

In this week’s discussion, reflect on the role of the nurse leader in fiscal management decision making. Address the following:

· Provide two different examples that demonstrate how nurse leaders can impact cost of care through cost-containment efforts surrounding budgeting, expense reporting, personnel/staffing decisions, or reimbursement.

· Discuss how implementing evidence-based practice can contribute to cost-containment efforts within healthcare organizations.

· Provide one example of an evidence-based change that can impact healthcare costs.

· Reflect on your work as a nurse. After reviewing the content in this module, how will your practice change in the future concerning fiscal and resource management? What specific changes will you make in your practice? 

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