Describe databases that are relevant to Evidence Based Practice

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Locating Credible Databases and Research

Create a 3 page resource that will describe databases that are relevant to Evidence Based Practice around one of the diagnoses below and could be used to help a new hire nurse better engage in EBP.

First select one of the diagnoses below. You will use this diagnosis in subsequent assessments.

1) Cholecystitis: Inflammation of the gallbladder, often due to gallstones blocking the ducts.

· Interventions: Pain management, dietary modifications, antibiotics, and possible cholecystectomy.

· Keywords: Gallstones, biliary colic, gallbladder inflammation, laparoscopic surgery, bile duct.

2) Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): A gradual loss of kidney function over time.

· Interventions: Dietary modifications, blood pressure control, dialysis, and patient education on medication management.

· Keywords: End-stage renal disease, nephropathy, proteinuria, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis.

3) Acute Pancreatitis: Inflammation of the pancreas that occurs suddenly and usually resolves in a few days with treatment.

· Interventions: Pain management, dietary restrictions, IV fluids, and monitoring of pancreatic enzymes.

· Keywords: Pancreatic inflammation, amylase, lipase, gallstone pancreatitis, alcohol-induced pancreatitis.

Be sure to address the following in this assessment:

· Describe communication strategies to encourage nurses to research the diagnosis/practice issue, as well as strategies to collaborate with the nurses to access resources. Additionally, notes specific benefits of strategies in helping to build professional competence or a positive professional relationship. Cites literature to support discussion.

· Describes the best places to complete research within the workplace environment and what types of resources one would want to access resources to find pertinent information for a diagnosis. Notes one or more reasons for utilizing the places within the health care setting

· Identifies five sources of online information (medical journal databases, websites, hospital policy databases, et cetera) that could be used to locate evidence specific to a clinical diagnosis/health care issue, and ensures three out of five are specific to the diagnosis/health care issue. Ranks the sources from most useful for nurses to least.

· Explains why the sources selected should provide the best evidence for the chosen diagnosis/health care issue. Notes criteria used to determine the relevance and usefulness of the sources.

· Organizes content with a clear purpose. Content flows logically with smooth transitions using coherent paragraphs, correct grammar/punctuation, word choice, and free of spelling errors.

· Communicate using writing that is clear, logical, and professional with correct grammar and spelling using current APA style.

· Exhibits strict and flawless adherence to APA formatting of headings, in-text citations, and references. Quotes and paraphrases correctly.

Additional Requirement:

Your assessment should meet the following requirements:

Length of submission: 2-4 pages (not including the title page or the reference page) description of communication, collaboration, and evidence location process, including a list of databases or other sources with description of why they are appropriate for clinical scenario diagnosis/health care issue (that is, something that would be useable in professional practice for other nurses). Be sure to include an APA-formatted reference page at the end of your submission.

Number of references: Cite a minimum of three sources of scholarly or professional evidence that supports your findings and considerations. Resources should be no more than five years old.

APA formatting: References and citations are formatted according to current APA style.

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