Endocrine and Hematology Diseases

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How to analyze endocrine and hematology disease process?

Endocrine and Hematology Diseases

Search for a recent journal article or an article from a professional or public health source in one of the following areas:

· Diabetes

· Thyroid disease

· Iron deficiency anemia.

· Pernicious anemia

· Folate deficiency

Consider how the information in the article is important to your future role as an advanced practice nurse in education, administration, or informatics. Respond in a minimum to the prompt above in a minimum of 250 words. Support your response with 1 scholarly reference.

· Summarize the article and provide a link to it. 

· Analyze the disease process.

· Explain how the physiologic process is clinically relevant or applicable.

· Based on the article, provide 3 key points you would like to share with the class. Consider any ethical, cultural, or social implications of the research that are relevant to clinical practice.

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