PICO(T) is an acronym that helps researchers and practitioners

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PICO(T) Questions And An Evidence-Based Approach

Create a 4 page submission in which you develop a PICO(T) question for the diagnosis you worked with in the first two assessments and evaluate the evidence you locate, which could help to answer the question.

PICO(T) is an acronym that helps researchers and practitioners define aspects of a potential study or investigation.

It stands for:

· P - Patient/population/problem.

· I - Intervention.

· C - Comparison (of potential interventions, typically).

· O - Outcome(s).

· T - Time frame (if time frame is relevant).

The end goal of applying PICO(T) is to develop a question that can help guide the search for evidence From this perspective, a PICO(T) question can be a valuable starting point for nurses who are starting to apply an evidence-based model or EBPs

For this assessment, please use the diagnosis you worked with on in your previous assessment.

After reviewing the materials you created to research a specific diagnosis in the first two assessments, apply the PICO(T) process to develop a research question and research it.

Your initial goal is to define the population, intervention, comparison, and outcome. In some cases, a time frame is relevant and you should include that as well, when writing a question you can research related to your issue of interest. After you define your question, research it, and organize your initial findings, select the two sources of evidence that seem the most relevant to your question and analyze them in more depth. Specifically, interpret each source's specific findings and best practices related to your chosen diagnosis, and explain how the evidence would help you plan and make decisions related to your question.

In your submission, make sure you address the following grading criteria:

· Define a practice issue to be explored via a PICO(T) approach. Create a PICO(T)-formatted research question.Notes how the exploration of the practice issue will benefit from a PICO(T) approach.

· Identifies sources of evidence that could be potentially effective in answering a PICO(T) question. Presents criteria or rational used to determine potential to answer the PICO(T) question.

· Explains the findings from articles or other sources of evidence that are relevant to the health care issue. Notes which sources are the most credible.

· Explains the relevance of the findings from chosen sources of evidence to making decision related to a PICO(T) question. Notes which findings are the most relevant or likely to lead to positive outcomes.

· Organizes content with a clear purpose. Content flows logically with smooth transitions using coherent paragraphs, correct grammar/punctuation, word choice, and free of spelling errors.

· Exhibits strict and flawless adherence to APA formatting of headings, intext citations, and references. Quotes and paraphrases correctly.

· Communicate using writing that is clear, logical, and professional with correct grammar and spelling using the current APA style.

Additional Requirement:

· Length of submission: Create a 3-5 page submission focused on defining a research question and interpreting evidence relevant to answering it.

· Number of references: Cite a minimum of four sources of scholarly or professional evidence that support your findings and considerations. Resources should be no more than 5 years old.

· APA formatting: Format references and citations according to the current APA style.

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