Walden SOCW6090 2021 December Week 5 Assignment Latest

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SOCW6090 Psychopathology and Diagnosis for Social Work Practice

Week 5 Assignment  

Role-Playing Practice: Using the CFI to Individualize Anxiety Care

Submit a 4-page paper in which you do the following:

•             Describe the skills or techniques you used to engage your partner during the CFI.

•             Identify a 3-5 minute segment in your recorded role-play that best demonstrates your ability to apply culturally sensitive assessment skills.

•             Explain which aspects of the CFI were the most helpful in learning about your partner’s personal view of the problem and situation from a cultural perspective.

•             Describe the cultural components (e.g., race/ethnicity, religion, geographic region, socio-economic status, etc.) that may influence your partner, and analyze how those cultural components influence their mental health experience.

•             Identify which relevant subsections of the CFI you used. Explain why you did (or did not) use a subsection as part of your assessment.

•             Analyze how you, as a social work treatment provider, might adjust interventions for the client (your partner), their individualized circumstances, and culture of origin. Be specific and demonstrate critical thought through application of concepts in resources.

•             Recommend a specific evidence-based measurement instrument to validate the diagnosis and assess outcomes of treatment. Explain any cultural considerations you made when determining an appropriate instrument, including whether or not the instrument was validated with diverse populations.


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