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SOCW6090 Psychopathology and Diagnosis for Social Work Practice

Week 3 Assignment  

Conducting a Diagnostic Interview With a Mental Status Exam By Day 7

Submit a 2- to 3-page case presentation paper in which you complete both parts outlined below:

Part I: Diagnostic Summary and MSE

Provide a diagnostic summary of the client, Carl. Within this summary include:

•             Identifying Data/Client demographics

•             Chief complaint/Presenting Problem

•             Present illness

•             Past psychiatric illness

•             Substance use history

•             Past medical history

•             Family history

•             Mental Status Exam (Be professional and concise for all nine areas)

o             Appearance

o             Behavior or psychomotor activity

o             Attitudes toward the interviewer or examiner

o             Affect and mood

o             Speech and thought

o             Perceptual disturbances

o             Orientation and consciousness

o             Memory and intelligence

o             Reliability, judgment, and insight Part II: Analysis of MSE

After completing Part I of the Assignment, provide an analysis and demonstrate critical thought (supported by references) in your response to the following:

•             Identify any areas in your MSE that require follow-up data collection.

•             Explain how using the cross-cutting measure would add to the information gathered.

•             Do Carl’s answers add to your ability to diagnose him in any specific way? Why or why not?

•             Would you discuss a possible diagnosis with Carl at this point in time? Why?


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