Walden SOCW6090 2021 December Week 10 Assignment Latest

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SOCW6090 Psychopathology and Diagnosis for Social Work Practice

Week 10 Assignment  

Final Project By Day 7

Submit 4- to 5-page paper in which you:

•             Provide the full DSM-5 diagnosis. Remember, a full diagnosis should include the name of the disorder, ICD-10-CM code, specifiers, severity, and the Z codes (other conditions that may need clinical attention).

•             Explain the full diagnosis, matching the symptoms of the case to the criteria for any diagnoses used.

•             Identify 2–3 of the close differentials that you considered for the case and have ruled out. Concisely explain why these conditions were considered but eliminated.

•             Identify the assessments you recommend to validate treatment. Explain the rationale behind choosing the assessment instruments to support, clarify, or track treatment progress for the diagnosis.

•             Explain your recommendations for initial resources and treatment. Use scholarly resources to support your evidence- based treatment recommendations.

•             Explain how you took cultural factors and diversity into account when making the assessment and recommending interventions.

•             Identify client strengths, and explain how you would utilize strengths throughout treatment

•             Identify specific knowledge or skills you would need to obtain to effectively treat this client, and provide a plan on how you will do so


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