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RES710 Statistical Research Methods And Design I

Week 8 Assignment  

Final Course Project Worksheet and Reflection

Complete Parts A and B below.

Part A: Final Course Project Worksheet

Part Aof this worksheet provides you the opportunity to synthesize your work from the entire term into a comprehensive project. Complete each section below. You will use the information from each week throughout the class (revised in line with feedback from your instructor) to paste in the appropriate material and summary. The format of this part of the worksheet is similar to what you would find as the required structure in a peer-reviewed journal.

Project Title

[From Week 1]


[Enter your name.]


[Use this area to provide a brief introduction to your topic. Remember to use sources (Hint: Review and use the information from Week 7 Discussion 2).]


Research Question

[from Week 1]

Null and Alternate Hypothesis

[from Weeks 1 and 2]

Independent Variables and Levels of Measurement

[from Week 1]

Dependent Variable and Levels of Measurement

[from Week 1]

Population and Sample

[Discuss the origin of your data by offering a brief background.

Also, (from Week 5) use G* Power to calculate sample size.]


Descriptive Statistics

[from Week 2 and Week 3 frequency tables, histogram, mean, median, mode, etc. (Be sure to post the tables AND summarize each table and chart.)]

Measures of Variability

[from Week 4 – Remember to paste the output AND summarize the results.]

Measures of Association and Tests of Significance

[from Weeks 6 and 7 – Remember to paste the output AND summarize the results.]


[Provide a 1- to 2-page overview of the results. Synthesize the findings and analyze the results as a whole.]


[Provide a brief conclusion discussing study implications and areas for future research.]


[List references according to APA guidelines.]

 Part B: Reflection

Part Bof this worksheet provides you with the opportunity for critical thinking and scholarly reflection. Respondto the three prompts below. You should provide a rationale and discussion for each test. You should clearly make the connection between each week of the course and how the topics build together. Be sure that yourreflection is supported with references to course material.

•             How does the type of data drive statistical tests used?

[Enter your response here.]

•             Why is it important to understand the types of data, research question, hypotheses, etc. prior to determining which statistical test is most appropriate?

[Enter your response here.]

•             Reflect on your experience in this class. What information did you find most useful? How will you apply this information moving forward in your academic or professional life?

[Enter your response here.]


[List references according to APA guidelines.]

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