UOP RES710 2022 August Week 7 Assignment Latest

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RES710 Statistical Research Methods And Design I

Week 7 Assignment  

Course Project Worksheet – Using Excel for Statistical Testing

Last week’s assignment required a review of various statistical tests. Earlier this week, in Discussion 1, you explored which test might be most appropriate given your chosen variables. Now is your time to practice running the statistical test and analyzing the data. Complete each of the items below:

1.            Which statistical test (T-Test, ANOVA, Chi-Square, or Regression) did you choose for your variables?

[Enteryour response here.]

2.            Explain why you chose this test.

[Enteryour response here.]

3.            Next, using Excel (refer to the handouts from this week for step-by-step instructions), run the statistical test you chose above and paste the output below.

[Paste Excel output here.]

4.            Analyze the results.

[Enteryour response here.]


[List references according to APA guidelines.]

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