UOP RES710 2022 August Week 6 Assignment Latest

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RES710 Statistical Research Methods And Design I

Week 6 Assignment  

Course Project Worksheet –Choosing the Correct Statistical Test

An important component to hypothesis testing is choosing the appropriate test to compute the test statistic. In the second column, define and explain statistical test listed in the first column. Be sure to note when each test is used, why you would choose this test, and what the output tells us. Be sure to provide a rationale for each test choice, including variable types. Then in the third column, specify what level(s) of measurement each test is used with.

Statistical Test   Definition/Explanation  Levels of Measurement

Basic T-Test                       

Independent Sample T-Test                      

Paired T-Test                    

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)Test                          


Regression Test                               


[List references according to APA guidelines.]

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