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Question 1 (3 points)

The three general categories of lines of defense to prevent workplace exposure to toxic substances (in order of priority) are:

Question 1 options:

Restricted access, adequate lighting, use of respirators

SDS’s, training, and respiratory protection

Frequent measurement for exposures, reporting to regulatory officials, and training of new employees

Engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective measures

Question 2 (3 points)

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by

Question 2 options:

replacement of the lining of the carpal tunnel of the wrist with fibrous tissue.

weakness in the tendons of the muscles in the arms due to repetitive motion.

 compression of the digital nerve as it passes over the carpal tunnel of the wrist.

compression of the median nerve passing through the carpal tunnel of the wrist.

Question 3 (3 points)

The OSHA maximum permissible exposure level (PEL) for continuous noise for an 8-hour work period is:

Question 3 options:

100 decibels

70 decibels

90 decibels

80 decibels

Question 4 (3 points)

The minimum temperature to which a substance must be heated before it will spontaneously burn independently of the source of heat is known as the:

Question 4 options:

flash point.

lower flammability limit


ignition temperature

concentration of vapors.

Question 5 (3 points)

Which electrical device is used to protect against electrical shock where wet conditions may be present?

Question 5 options:








Question 6 (3 points)


 Fires are classified according to their properties, which relate to the nature of the fuel. What class of fire has wood, plastic, textiles, paper as the fuel?




Question 6 options:


Class A



Class B



Class D



Class C


Question 7 (3 points)


 The lowest temperature that a flammable liquid must be heated so that it gives off vapor sufficient to form an ignitable mixture with the air near the surface of the liquid is known as the:


Question 7 options:


Ignition Point



Fire Point



Upper explosive limit



Flash point


Question 8 (3 points)


In a local hospital, a technician fixing a radiological machine spills some Cobalt-60 source material. As the hospital's safety and health professional, you must provide guidance to protect the cleanup crews and hospital workers. Which method do you recommend for controlling the radiation and protecting the workers?




Question 8 options:


hose down area, establish a "safe zone" for workers, require respirators



increase worker distance from contamination, reduce time allowed in area, shield workers from radiation source



incinerate contaminated area as much as possible, rope off area, bring in decontamination unit



vaccinate cleanup crews, require protective clothing, give iodine tablets


Question 9 (3 points)


Which of the following OSHA regulations does not contain a requirement to train workers who are or may be exposed to the regulated hazard?


Question 9 options:


Hazard communication



Occupational noise exposure



None.  All three of these standards require training.



Bloodborne pathogens


Question 10 (3 points)


The three basic variables of electromagnetic radiation are:


Question 10 options:


energy, wavelength, and frequency



speed, frequency, and wavelength



frequency, speed, and energy



speed, energy, and strength of the magnetic field


Question 11 (3 points)


The OSHA hazard communication standard is a regulation that requires employers to inform employees about


Question 11 options:


electrical safety hazards and the release of hazardous energy



the hazards associated with confined spaces



All of the above





potential exposure to hazardous chemicals


Question 12 (3 points)


Which of the following is a form of cold stress?


Question 12 options:


Heat rash









Increased perspiration


Question 13 (3 points)


Cesium 137 has a half life of 30 years.  Sixty years from now, workers discover a container of Ce137.  Compared to today, how much Ce137 would be in that container?


Question 13 options:


one quarter the amount



one eighth the amount



the same amount



half the amount







Question 14 (3 points)


Which type of radiation is the most penetrating?


Question 14 options:













Question 15 (58 points)


Part 2 of your Midterm is found in your Assignment folder.  DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS FOR PART 2 HERE!  Submit Part 2 as a .docx in your Assignment folder.  This is just a place holder for me to add your Part 2 score to Part 1.


Midterm (15% of final grade) OPEN BOOK


Save your exam as: <lastname_ENMT322_midterm.docx> and post it in your Assignment Folder not later than midnight, Tuesday, July  21, 2020.


PART 1, Section A (3 points each) is in your Quiz folder.  Complete Part 1A and submit.  Download this document that contains Parts 1B and 2.  Write your essays and submit your completed answers in the Assignment folder.


Part 1, Section B (5 Points each):


Label the following with the type of hazard control it describes:




1.     ________Use of sound-dampening materials to reduce noise levels


2.     _______Redesigning a work station to relieve physical stress and remove ergonomic hazards.


3.     ______Prohibiting workers from working with ionizing radiation once they have reached a predetermined level of exposure.


4.     _______Requiring workers in hot environments to take breaks in cool rest areas and providing fluids for rehydration.








a.    Engineering


b.    Administrative


c.    Personal Protective Equipment












5.  Skin conditions are a major occupational hazard. Discuss the nature and causes of occupational dermal hazards and the preventive measures that can be taken to prevent them from occurring. (Hint: use a table)




6.  What are the symptoms of Silicosis? Identify the recognized cause(s). Describe the routes of exposure and indicate the affected industries.




7.    Explain the key difference between the ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.




8.    List the types of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation




9.    Describe resultant health problems that can result with excess exposure to ionizing radiation and to non-ionizing radiation.




Midterm Part 2


Consider the following scenario and answer the questions in parts (A) and (B) that follow.  Please note: This question is worth 33% of the midterm and is worth 5% of your total grade for the course.




The shipping and cold storage room at Pick 'n Pay Produce (fruit and vegetables) warehouse is a busy place. Twelve-foot vertical racks in the cold storage room hold multiple pallets.  Some of the fruit is tightly packed and overripe.  The boxes are heavy and sometimes damp.  Electric forklifts move pallets from place to place, including an outdoor dock where transportation trucks are loaded all year round by the forklifts.




The manager is giving a tour of the area to the boss’s nephew who will be working there for the summer.  The manager wants to impress upon the young man that this is serious work with a variety of hazards.








• What four major safety and health (including ergonomic) hazards can you identify and control?  For each of these four, identify their potential impact on worker health and safety and some ways to control the hazard.  [HINT: See grading rubric below.]




• Using the scenario above, select two categorically different hazards or potential hazards that you identified in part (A) and answer the following for each of the two distinct hazards.  [HINT: See grading rubric below.]


•     Identify at least one OSHA standard for each hazard that would reduce the hazard


•     Cite the standard as "29 CFR 1910.x, Name of Standard"


•     Analyze the major requirements of the standard as they address the hazard


•     How would implementing any of those requirements reduce or eliminate the hazard?


•     Is implementing an OSHA requirement sufficient to ensure worker safety?  Why or why not?




Note: some standards are lengthy; select only the relevant paragraph(s) of the standard.  Do NOT exceed one page per question.


















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