M6 Discussion 1 - Rise & Fall Of Civilizations / Cultural Resources Management

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M6 Discussion 1: Rise & Fall Of Civilizations / Cultural Resources Management (CRM)


For this discussion, provide a site analysis of either one Old World Civilization or one New World Civilization.


Initial Post

Be sure to answer both parts of the prompt thoroughly and provide APA-style citations as needed.

Part I

  • Briefly describe your civilization.
  • Include location, time period, and photo.
  • Discuss the archaeological evidence for the rise and fall of this civilization.
    • What factors contributed to the rise and fall of your chosen civilization?
  • What can modern society learn from this civilization?

Part II

  • Imagine you are in charge of a cultural resource management (CRM) company that is hired to evaluate part of this site. What are 3 things you would recommend or take action on?

Response Posts

  • Read through your instructor’s and classmates’ posts.
  • Post a substantive response to at least two other classmates' initial post. Make sure the post contributes to the conversation rather than just saying something like “I agree with you” or “You did a good job on this post”.
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