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From Alexander reading (chapter 9):

  1. What should be the role for conservation as museums change their emphases from collecting and scholarship to public service?

these are some answers please write it with different words. 

- While more and more museums are changing their emphasis to public service over collecting and scholarships, and while a conservator-restorer’s first responsibility should still be restoration and stabilization (environmental monitoring), the public sector can be part of that experience by being exposed – whether through observation, lectures, or workshops - to the importance of conservation of these items in order to keep the past a part of our future/present.    


- Conservation should become front and center for many institutions as the focus moves from collecting and scholarship to public service. Conservation techniques can also add to the scholarship, and the longer we can help works survive, the bigger our collections can grow. Focusing specific needs of each work can bring about new avenues of conservation, from cultural perspectives to scientific innovations. The role of conservation can expand from simply preserving the work to also using new scientific procedures for proper restoration, security, and protection from natural dangers.


From Seracini video:


  1. Seracini spent 30 years searching for Leonardo da Vinci’s lost fresco “The Battle of Anghiari,” and in the process discovered that many paintings have layers of history hidden underneath. Should they be part of the viewing experience too?
  2. How could science aid / alter how we deal with authenticity?
  3. How did Seracini incorporate technology and conservation techniques to change how viewers can interact with paintings today and in the future?


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