Week 7 World Religion - One of the major divisions found

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Week 7 World Religion

One of the major divisions found within the practice of Islam today is a centuries old conflict that exists between the two major Islamic groups identified as the Sunnis and the Shia. Many students are surprised to discover that the precipitating event that led to this conflict was a difference of opinion between the two groups as to the process of religious leadership succession following the death of Muhammad in CE 632. 

  • What is your reaction to this conflict and the arguments offered by each side behind it? 
  • What practical principles of leadership development can you learn from it, and how would you employ them in the event you were ever selected to lead a religious or non-profit organization?

One of the little-known concepts found within the Islamic belief system is the common practice often referred to as, “Da’wah.” 

  • Based upon your studies and research of Islam this week, identify and define the purpose of “Da’wah” and then elaborate upon the process by offering your reaction to it and demonstrate in practical ways how you have witnessed the implementation of it in the world today.
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