The Database Project Charter/Business Case

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The Database Project Charter/Business Case should cover the following information about the proposed database:

  • Business Problem - what problem/issue are you trying to solve with your proposed database
  • Project Scope - is this a web database our installed locally on a local area network, how many potential users, how complex will it be when completed?
  • Project Business Objectives - what are the goals and objectives of the system (increased sales, more efficient staff, etc.)
  • Constraints - Time, money, staff resources, equipment
  • Description of Solution - How would you explain it to your friends?
  • Project Description - a more formal business communications - an executive summary
  • Business Process Impact - what impact will it have on the business/organization?
  • Technical Feasibility - do you need to purchase new equipment/servers?
  • Resource Estimate - how much, how many people, how much time?

This assignment is to be composed in APA Format using Microsoft Word.

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