Rasmussen Communicating in Your Profession Deliverable 6 Latest 2021

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Deliverable 6 – Case Study Presentation


Analyze Communication Theories and Skills for Developing Professional Documents and Oral Presentations for Audiences in Diverse Communities and Disciplines


Creating a PowerPoint for a professional presentation is a great skill to learn, as most companies use PowerPoint for all different purposes.

For this assignment you will create a PowerPoint You will find a case study or a research project in the area you studying, use the library website to find your case study. It is recommended that you find a case study in the field you are studying, but any case study is fine for this presentation.

Your presentation will need to include slides on the following areas:

Introduction to the case

Methods used to conduct the research

What was found (findings)

How it was implemented

Creativity should be evident throughout the Power Point presentation. Treat this presentation as though you were presenting to an employer, all aspects of the Power Point will be assessed.

Feel free to use the notes section in PowerPoint if you would like to make any special presentation notations of how you would present your information.



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