A database of Huwang Chun Solutions LLC, which sells body building materials

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Database backup related literature review

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A database of Huwang Chun Solutions LLC, which sells body building materials can be arranged as follows. There are a number of salespersons, sales department clerks, Shipping department clerks, warehouse supervisors, customers etc. in the company. Each salesperson is considered as a link between the customer and the company. The company sells number of products. Orders can be placed for one or more products at a time by the customers. When the order is complete, it can be shipped and then invoiced. An order can be distributed in more than one shipment (for e.g., if it is very huge) and similarly a shipment may contain more than one order (for e.g., if the orders are small). For the security purposes, users of the Huwang Chun database are grouped according to the functions they perform and security levels they are entitled to. For example, the sales department clerk's duty is to enter/update the customer information, shipping department's clerks create/update shipping data, warehouse supervisors handle products. Additionally, each group can view different information in different directions using various customized reports and temporary queries.


Carry out a literature review on the implications of not having a backup strategy on a database oriented information system in general and Huwang Chun Solutions L.L.C. in particular and submit a research article of a minimum of 500 words. Use the latest articles of journals/conferences/workshops/book chapters that that can be accessed through our college library and the library of Coventry University. You have to provide use CU-Harvard style of citation and referencing while writing the article.

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