BBA222 Project Management

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BBA222 PROJECT MANAGEMENT Final Assignment Task brief & rubrics


Students are required to answer all the questions and develop an individual report addressing the specific tasks set out in the guideline below.

Task briefing:

How to manage an Industrial Development. As a Project Leader, you have to organize the steps of the development of a new product: The first activity is to define detailed specifications before starting the prototype. In this phase, we will create a preliminary design, made by William and Louis, two engineers, in twenty-five days. Once the design is made, Louis and Peter (a new engineer) will determine the functional characteristics and specifications. They need for this task seven days. When the specifications are defined, we will create the prototype. The first operation to do is to construct the basic structure in 13 days, made by Peter and Susan, his assistant. At the same time, we have to design an electronic system, independent to the structure. For this task we will need John and he will spend 10 days. Once we finish both activities, we have to assembly the prototype. This task is for Peter and John and they will take two days. When the designs and prototype are made, we start the tests. The first test will be made by Mary, a Quality Department technician, in five days. William and Susan will work in the second test, and they will spend other five days. After these two test, John and Susan will make a simulation. For this new test we need to work in the laboratory for twelve days. Finally, the product will be accepted (milestone). Once we know the project is valid, we must write the project report. To do this document, Robert, after the second test, writes a draft in two days. This preliminary document is the base for the final report, written by two assistants in two weeks. The report is corrected, and the final version is available in three weeks. With this report we can start the training program for all the employees. The responsible of this training are Susan and Mary. This activity can start when the report is corrected. The first session is for Top Management (we need only one day) and then, the rest of workers (in a week).

Finally, the company must launch the new product. After the training program, Joseph, the Marketing Manager will develop the Marketing Plan in seven days.

After this, Tom and George, the sellers, will study in fifteen days the specifications and the Marketing Plan to guarantee the success of the product in the market.

At the same tame we prepare the launch, Victor, the Production Manager, starts to organize the production. He says that in twenty-five days the first units will be available.


1. Construct the Work Breakdown Structure of this project, including Tasks, times, resources, and predecessors. (30 points)

2. Draw the Project Timing with a Gantt Chart and a PERT or Network Diagram. What is the total project completion time? (30 points)

3. Determine the Critical Path. (15 points)

4. Draw the Resource Graph. What are the maximum and minimum resource needs? (25 points)


• Individual work.

• Minimum length of the assignment 1500 words – Maximum 2000 words.

• Relate your work to the concepts delivered in class.

• Font: Arial 12,5pts. Line-spacing: default. Text-align: Justified.

• Bibliography/References, if needed, has to be quoted in Harvard style.

• You may use Appendixes. These and the References do not count for the total wordcount.

DELIVERY: WEEK 13 – Submission on Moodle 9th May 2021,

This task is worth 30% of your overall grade for this subject.

It assesses the following learning outcomes:

• Describe the need for a project-based approach inside organizations.

• Understand the role of project management as a strategic element inside organizations.

• Critically assess the roles and responsibilities of a project manager

• Evaluate how to select, develop, plan, schedule and measure its outcomes and risks.

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