Logistics Supervisor or Manager

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Logistics Supervisor or Manager

It appeals to me because of the pay

just act as if I’m an 18 year old boy fresh out of high school and make it sound good for assignment purposes. My current situation is going to college to obtain supply chain management degree.

For this assignment you will explore options available to you either in your current field or a field you are interested in. The key to this exploration is not just to uncover opportunities but to determine the qualifications, skills, and abilities that employers are seeking.

Your Task 

  1. Visit one of the job Web sites such as Snagajob.com or Indeed.com, and search for a position that meets your requirements for a great job.
  2. Describe the position you identify (you can copy and paste the posting into your paper if you prefer).
  3. What is it about this position that appeals to you? Be specific.
  4. What are the minimum job requirements for the position in terms of education, experience, skills, knowledge, or abilities?
  5. Compare the job requirements to your own qualifications. How close are you to meeting them?
  6. If there is a difference between what the job requires and the qualifications you now possess, what, specifically, are you doing or can you do in the future to close that gap?

Remember, your submission must follow the Guidelines for Written Assignments provided, including the requirements for length, formatting, and citations.

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